Benefits for you

Benefits for you


I am a seasoned translator, with over 20 years of training and experience, including in-house positions as a senior financial translator. I hold a degree in business administration from the University of Geneva.

Direct contact

An effective translation is not only the result of in-depth knowledge and understanding, but also of a good dialogue between the translator and her client. I offer these things, and most translation agencies do not. This is extremely important, because it is through this kind of open dialogue that I acquire the information I need about the text and its audience.

Customised and flexible service

Direct contact also means a personalised and flexible service. You won’t have to fill in any complicated forms; a simple email will suffice. If necessary, I also work in my clients' offices. This is particularly useful for clients that have confidential documents or that require a temporary in-house replacement. Finally, I am passionate about my work and strive for excellence. As a freelancer I know that I am judged by each and every translation I do for a client.